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Sonoma County Homes for Sale & Real EstateWelcome to Safe Haven Realty, an independent brokerage that was established to bring small company values into the selling and buying real estate experience. Unlike national brands, we focus solely on the communities and real estate in Sonoma County. We update this website daily, so bookmark this page and visit often!

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Anyone who has a California real estate license can represent you when buying or selling real estate in Sonoma County. In order to be represented properly (and safely) when buying or selling Sonoma County property, you would be wise to choose a Sonoma County agent. All agents at Safe Haven Realty live in Sonoma County. We not only live here, we work here, we dine here, we play here ... you get the picture. We know Sonoma County.

Searching Sonoma County Homes For Sale

Chances are you have already been searching for Sonoma County homes for sale on another web site. Every national brokerage provides searches as well as the ever popular sites that we refer to as ZT&R. The problem with these web sites is that they try to keep their data current but it just isn't feasible. They are national data repositories that can't refresh constant data changes, status changes and new or revised photos. Here at Safe Haven Realty, our search engine pulls data from one MLS only, the Bay Area Real Estate Information Services (BAREIS). All of our listing data for Sonoma County homes for sale is updated EVERY FIVE MINUTES, you will always find the most current information here.

Sonoma County Homes for Sale & Real EstateSonoma County Home Buyers

We at Safe Haven Realty understand how buyers start looking for their new home. Their search starts a little broad, maybe county by county. Then the search narrows to an area or city. Next comes a neighborhood and sometimes an actual street name. We have provided the tools here for you to drill down until you find the home you want. Visit our home buying page to learn more about the process of buying your Sonoma County home.

Sonoma County Home Sellers

To successfully sell your Sonoma County home, it is just as important for your listing agent to understand your goals as it is for them to be knowledgeable with the current real estate market. Money isn’t always the driving factor. Some sellers need to sell within a certain time frame to avoid an adverse situation, others need to sell for a job transfer or a desire to move closer to loved ones. Once the goal is understood, that goal becomes a factor in negotiating price and timing. Visit our home selling page to learn more about the process of selling your Sonoma County home.

Sonoma County Visitors

We get it, you aren't here because you want to buy or sell a Sonoma County home, you are simply searching for information about our wonderful area. Yay, we are happy to have you as a guest. We try to cover as many aspects of Sonoma County as we can. Neighborhoods, activities, lifestyle and every day fun. If we missed anything that you are curious about, click on the Contact Us menu option and tell us about it!

About Sonoma County

Sonoma County Homes for Sale & Real EstateSonoma County is located 40 miles north of San Francisco and is considered one of the premier wine producing regions in the world. In 2012, TripAdvisor named Sonoma County the top wine destination in the United States and number two in the world, just behind Tuscany. There are roughly 485,000 residents in Sonoma County, over an area of 1,723 square miles. That’s over one million acres! At the edge of every city and town, you will abruptly find yourself in a rural area dotted with rolling hills, vineyards and wine tasting rooms. At the western edge, you'll find 58 miles of rugged Pacific Ocean coastline with breathtaking views. On weekends we have thousands of visitors from all over the world who would rather be in Sonoma County than anywhere else. That's why we live and work here, we want to be in Sonoma County every day!

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